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Heat Pump Repair Again

25 May

Heat Pump (A/C) Repair Again

Mon, May 25, 15

Even though we replaced the fan and cranked down the thermostat, the cooling of our house was not effective. After replacing the fan in the air out of the a/c outlet was around 73 F. The inlet was about 80 F. The difference was only about 7 F. Not very effective cooling.

So we got another reference from our friend. We called this A/C mechanic who unlike other three was independent mechanic. He came and told the refrigerant R22 was way low and he would add about 3 pounds and see whether we receive effective cooling. Then he assured us that he would come back and check the pressure. If it was much lower than what he added then there is definite leak and we have to take other remedies other than adding R22.

A/C Repair

21 May

Heat Pump Repair

Thu, May 22, 2015

After calling two HVAC companies and finding out that they were busy we called a third company. The person from third company came and told us that fan was at fault. He also told us that there may be leak in the evaporator coil. But couldn’t find the leak.

So we asked him to change the fan and we paid for the fan change only.

A/C trouble

19 May

Heat Pump Trouble

Tue, May 19, 2015

When we came home in the evening the house was hot. The outside temperature was not that bad indicating that something is wrong with our Janitrol Heat pump. Cranking down the thermostat didn’t help. Since it was already late we simply opened the windows for a short while and cooled the house and closed up the windows. We were reminded of the problem that only last year we needed to change something in the A/C

New Carpet Installed

19 Nov

New Loop Pile Carpet Installed

Old Berber Carpet Removed

Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014, 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

After a two-day long rain delay, we got our home’s 14-year old carpet removed and new carpet installed via our local hardware store’s installers. We had picked the “Loop Pile” type and “Romanza” model from the vendor. The installer who had come earlier and estimated the needed carpet came with his partner and brought the carpet inside the house.

Outside the house the temperatures were just above freezing (34 deg F). So they brought the carpet rolls inside and left it to warm up. I cranked the heat up to 73 deg F. Then they went moved all the big furniture out of the two rooms they would start their work first. Then they went ahead and ripped the old carpet and the pad leaving behind only the nails at the exterior edges of the concrete flooring. They then swept clean the concrete floors getting it ready for the carpet installation.

They then brought the carpet in and laid it on the floor to thaw some more. Then they stretched it with their machines and installed, cut it, and secured using the nails. This way they completed the three rooms with 1/2 hour break for lunch. They then vacuumed the new carpet floor. Then they brought the furniture back to their original location. They were done by 3:30 PM. I gave them my token appreciation and they were very happy.

NewLoopPileCBR-06 NewLoopPileMBR-02 NewLoopPileVBR-04 OldBerberCBR-05 OldBerberMBR-00 OldBerberVBR-03

Pick new carpet material

3 Nov

Select a new carpet

Local Lowes Store

Monday, Nov 3, 2014

We went to our local Lowes store and decided to utilize their low and/or free carpet installation for our home. We looked around for the appropriate carpet type, design, color, and price range. We spoke to the carpet specialist and learned about the special for Stainmaster carpet and pad installation.

We compared our current Berber carpet and decided to get new carpet since ours has been there for a quite a while (10+ years). After consulting with specialist and taking the sample carpet home we put the sample design in various rooms and decided to pick three different colors for three different rooms.

We decided to stick the same type and design but three different colors for three different rooms. The selected the “Loop Pile” type and selected the “Romanza” model. Then we went ahead and selected the three colors for the three rooms: Miramar, Bahamas, and Scallop.

We then placed the order for the carpet and Stainmaster pad. The carpet specialist told us the carpet should be in within 10 business days and the installer will call and schedule an appointment for the installation.CAM00297 CAM00296 CAM00295 CAM00293 CAM00292 CAM00291

Fix macbook with fasteners

12 Mar

White MacBook Fasteners

Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014

Yesterday I received the MacBook fasteners in mail. So I used regular small ‘star’ screwdriver and added the fasteners to the bottom portion of my white MacBook.  This will now hold the bottom cover better. There were eight fasteners and I needed only three.MacBookFasteners

Add Firewire (400) Port to Win 7 Home

9 Mar

How to add FireWire (400) Port to Windows 7 Home

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I have a Windows 7 Home computer and has been with me for at least two years. I usually use it for my home-video collection repository and so would like to add all my home-videos to it. Recently as one of my older computer stopped working and my older collection home-videos were in Sony i-Link formatted camcorders (Sony i-Link is also called, FireWire 400, IEEE 1394) I was worried about adding old camcorder 8mm-analog and 8mm-digital (D8) tape collection to a new computer. The FireWire connections have 4-pin connector on the camcorder and 6-pin connector on the computer side.

Sony iLinkCable.jpbSonyHi8-D8-tape

Unfortunately, the new Home computer didn’t come with a FireWire port. So I went ahead and ordered FireWire 400 (aka IEEE 1394) PCI Cards from a company. Before I ordered I need to find out what my Home computer’s mother board (aka System Board)  would support. So I opened the back of my computer and found my system board has one empty PCI card slot and two empty PCI Express Card slots. This means I can get PCI Express IEEE1394 card for my computer.


So I found in Raukten Shopping (formerly  Protronix 2-Port Firewire 1394a PCI Express Controller Cards for sale and ordered them (~$14/piece). Once they arrived I opened the computer and removed the back panel and inserted the PCI Express IEEE1394a (aka Firewire 400 card) closed the back panel.


After closing the backpanel the computer is ready to accept FireWire connections.