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Biology Poster Session

22 Aug


Biology Poster Session

Friday, Aug 22, 2014

FL 32306


Today we were invited to the first Biology Poster session for the incoming graduate students for the FSU Department of Biological Science. I went put the poster about all Core Facilities and one about the X-Ray Facility.

Vivek stopped by and met with one of the Biology Research Groups for whom he had done organic synthesis work during the summer.

Years Go By

18 Jun

Decades Go By

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tallahassee, FL 32306

It has been now two decades in the old town and I can’t even imagine how fast the time has gone by. The whole family added so many members and we lost couple of people during the last two decades and some years.

As they say the constant thing is “the change”.

FSU Day at the Capitol

1 Apr

FSU Day at the Capitol

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Florida State Capitol, Tallahassee, FL, USA


I went to the Florida State Capitol early morning and set-up a table for the Institute of Molecular Biophysics. The tables were located in the first floor lobby of the Capitol. Our Institute was represented by two talented graduate students who spoke to many visitors.

Our table was set-up around 8:30 AM in the morning. Our interim President stopped by our table in the morning. Around 11:30 AM some food was served in front of the Capitol. We took turns to go around other tables to see what other departments have displayed.

Finally around 1:45 PM we wrapped up displays and went back to work at the University. Overall, it was a good experience.

VtS Joins Phi Eta Sigma

14 Feb

Phi Eta Sigma (ΦΗΣ) Freshmen Honor Society

Friday, February 14, 2014

VtS received an e-mail from the University and a letter from the honor society and invited him to join the Phi Eta Sigma (ΦΗΣ) Freshmen Honor Society. We did some research and found out that Phi Eta Sigma (ΦΗΣ) is one of the oldest Honor Societies that admits freshmen.

VtS went to their social yesterday evening and met some new people. Based on his experience and inquiries, he decided to join the Society. Ever since he got the original invitation, we also received a letter.

It looks like he will get letters from other Honor Societies as well. So it is imperative to select only those where you feel you have something to offer. Hopefully, this is the one where he feels his contributions will be meaningful.

Setting up hanging drop protein crystals

12 Aug

Setting up hanging drop protein crystals

Monday, August 12, 2013


Today VTS learned how to set-up hanging-drop vapor diffusion protein crystals using the VDX pre-greased plates. Over the last four to six weeks, VTS has been learning how to manually grease VDX plates for setting up crystals of RNA+Protein complexes in one of the structural biology labs. However, since the RNA+Protein complexes are very expensive and since VTS has been only volunteering his work was limited to preparing the trays.


However, today he used the lysozyme solutions left-over from another experiment to set-up the hanging drop vapor diffusion protein crystallization trays.

He used 3 microliter of 30 milligram/milliliter protein and mixed it with 3 microliters of 10 % (w/v) sodium chloride solution in sodium acetate buffer, pH 4.8. He then mixed these solutions on top of siliconized cover slip. He added 600 microliters of 10 % (w/v) sodium chloride solution in sodium acetate buffer, pH 4.8 to the well. He then covered the well with the inverted coverslip containing the protein+precipitant mixture.

Volunteering at Physical Biochemistry

29 Jul

Volunteering at Physical Biochemistry Lab

Monday, July 29, 2013


VTS started to volunteer at the Physical Biochemistry to lab to learn some basic concepts of the lab. He started out first by cataloging materials like cuvettes and sample holders in the lab.

This will familiarize him with what is available and help the Lab Director with updated inventory of the lab.

VTS did similar chemical inventory in another Biochemistry lab last week with a help of junior graduate student.