My India Travels

1 Jun

My India Travels

The extent of my travels in India

Latitudes and Longitudes of my India Travel

While perusing through some websites and thinking about the places I have visited during my travels over the last four decades a thought occurred to me that wont it be nice to plot the latitudes and longitudes of my travels.

This occurred to my during my trip to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in early June 2015. Since it was early summer and the location had high north latitude there was plenty of sunlight both late in the evening and early in the morning.

So I found two websites that provided the information I needed: 1) and 2) Using these websites I first constructed the North, East, West, and South extends of my travels in India.

28.611303,77.231655 (New Delhi, Delhi)
23.016351,72.579117 (Kolkatta, West Bengal)
22.56739,88.371706 (Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
8.077246,77.55558 (Kanya Kumari, Tamil Nadu)

The map below shows this graphically the same thing.



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