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Heat Pump Repair Again

25 May

Heat Pump (A/C) Repair Again

Mon, May 25, 15

Even though we replaced the fan and cranked down the thermostat, the cooling of our house was not effective. After replacing the fan in the air out of the a/c outlet was around 73 F. The inlet was about 80 F. The difference was only about 7 F. Not very effective cooling.

So we got another reference from our friend. We called this A/C mechanic who unlike other three was independent mechanic. He came and told the refrigerant R22 was way low and he would add about 3 pounds and see whether we receive effective cooling. Then he assured us that he would come back and check the pressure. If it was much lower than what he added then there is definite leak and we have to take other remedies other than adding R22.

A/C Repair

21 May

Heat Pump Repair

Thu, May 22, 2015

After calling two HVAC companies and finding out that they were busy we called a third company. The person from third company came and told us that fan was at fault. He also told us that there may be leak in the evaporator coil. But couldn’t find the leak.

So we asked him to change the fan and we paid for the fan change only.

A/C trouble

19 May

Heat Pump Trouble

Tue, May 19, 2015

When we came home in the evening the house was hot. The outside temperature was not that bad indicating that something is wrong with our Janitrol Heat pump. Cranking down the thermostat didn’t help. Since it was already late we simply opened the windows for a short while and cooled the house and closed up the windows. We were reminded of the problem that only last year we needed to change something in the A/C