Add Firewire (400) Port to Win 7 Home

9 Mar

How to add FireWire (400) Port to Windows 7 Home

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I have a Windows 7 Home computer and has been with me for at least two years. I usually use it for my home-video collection repository and so would like to add all my home-videos to it. Recently as one of my older computer stopped working and my older collection home-videos were in Sony i-Link formatted camcorders (Sony i-Link is also called, FireWire 400, IEEE 1394) I was worried about adding old camcorder 8mm-analog and 8mm-digital (D8) tape collection to a new computer. The FireWire connections have 4-pin connector on the camcorder and 6-pin connector on the computer side.

Sony iLinkCable.jpbSonyHi8-D8-tape

Unfortunately, the new Home computer didn’t come with a FireWire port. So I went ahead and ordered FireWire 400 (aka IEEE 1394) PCI Cards from a company. Before I ordered I need to find out what my Home computer’s mother board (aka System Board)  would support. So I opened the back of my computer and found my system board has one empty PCI card slot and two empty PCI Express Card slots. This means I can get PCI Express IEEE1394 card for my computer.


So I found in Raukten Shopping (formerly  Protronix 2-Port Firewire 1394a PCI Express Controller Cards for sale and ordered them (~$14/piece). Once they arrived I opened the computer and removed the back panel and inserted the PCI Express IEEE1394a (aka Firewire 400 card) closed the back panel.


After closing the backpanel the computer is ready to accept FireWire connections.


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