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How to clean C Drive and reclaim more disk space in C:\Windows directory or C:\ partition

15 Nov

How to clean C Drive and reclaim more disk space in C:\Windows directory or C:\ partition

One of the ways to find out what files are taking up how much space is to run a free and Open Source program called WinDirStat which is available from Open Source Download site More information about this program is available at

When I ran WinDirStat program on my Windows 7 64 bit and Windows XP SP3 computers, I found a file called $PatchCache$ under the following directory to occupy large amount of space 2 to 3 GB (depending on the computer).


In one my machines, the C:\ drive (actually a partition on a larger drive) where Windows directory was located had only 10 GB total allocation (since it was a Windows XP SP3 machine and 8 years old), I needed to recover some space in the c:\ partition. This was made more important since I had less than 10% free space, making even defragmenting using “Defraggler” not optimal.

So I Googled the search-term “can i remove $PatchCache$”. The two following links came up as promising ones.

So I followed the instructions in the posts and I am repeating them here.

Start >Accessories>Command Prompt [Don’t run it but right click it and Select Run as Administrator and say “yes” to the prompt and run it; if you simply run it and issue the next command, see below, you will get an error “Access is denied”. You need to be an Administrator to run it.]


In the command window type exactly the following command

rmdir /q /s %WINDIR%\Installer\$PatchCache$

and hit return. After few seconds you will get the empty prompt again. This means the $PatchCache$ directory has been cleaned. Subsequently, the space occupied by that directory should be free and you have now reclaimed some wanted space.

Attend Saturday Morning Physics

3 Nov

VTS and I toured the High Field Magnet lab this morning as part of Saturday Morning Physics program. We saw many DC magnets including the split magnet (25 T) and the hybrid magnet (45 T)