White Oak (Rat) Snake or not?

17 May

White Oak (Rat) Snake or not?

Tallahassee, FL 32317

When I drove back home from my evening errand around 7:30 PM and try to park my car in the driveway, I noticed a long (3 1/2 feet, ~1 meter long) thin light brown (wheat colored) snake crawling across the front of my garage door. It was moving  slowly at times even stopped completely. There was enough light as my house faces North and the Sun from the Western sky was falling right on my drive way.

Rat Snake

Rat Snake or Oak Snake?

I quickly went inside the house and grabbed two sticks and my camera and took some pictures and recorded a short video. I wanted to find out whether it was poisonous snake but no local snake experts were around. So I tried to grab it using the long stick. The snake quickly turned around and put out its tongue and didn’t strike or open its mouth. I then chased it around the house.

When I consulted my friends later, they said by looking at the photos the snake is likely to be Florida white oak snake. See for yourselves and let me know that assessment is correct. The snake is also referred to White Oak Snake, or Southern Rat Snake native to Northern Florida (where we live) and Southern Georgia.

White Oak Snake

Southern White Oak Snake?


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