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Conjunction in the sky

27 Mar

Tonight we saw the two planets Venus (more bright) and Jupiter (less bright) along with the crescent moon. It is called conjunction of two planets.

Lost Canon Camera, MacBook Laptop, Acer Laptop at JAX Parking Lot

24 Mar

Lost Canon Camera, Mac Book, and Acer Aspire Windows laptop at airport

Jacksonville International Airport Economy Parking Lot 1

Saturday, March 24, 2012, 8-9 PM

After a week long trip to San Francisco and having had a good time we hit a bad spell when we lost our point-and-shoot Canon camera, MacBook laptop, and Acer Aspire Windows laptop on Saturday, March 24, 2012 between 8 and 8:30 PM at the Economy Parking Lot 1 of the Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). We forgot to load it into our car and drove off home. We realized after 3 hours (after reaching) in Tallahassee.
When we called the parking lot and drove back the bag was already gone. No one reported it as lost and found. So a combined value of close $1000 was lost and NO ONE thought to report it despite the fact that it contained multitudes of our contact numbers, business cards, phone numbers, name labels, airline bag-tags.
The bad part is loosing valuable property but the worst thing is loosing all the photos we had taken during the trip and our family pictures are completely gone. Someone will probably will simply delete and reuse it or resell it.
The details of our lost items are:
Canon SD1300IS Powershot Camera

Canon SD1300IS Powershot Camera

Canon SD1300IS Powershot Camera

Canon SD1300IS Powershot Camera
Model Number: D ELPH SD1300IS(BL)
Box Number: 4218B001 (AA)
Body Number: 122064139747

MacBook  2.4 GHz

macbook 13.3 White

MacBook MC516LL./A

MacBook  2.4 GHz
250 Gb Harddisk
Part Number MC516LL/A
Model A1342
Serial Nubmer W8029ARWF5W
White in color
Airport ID: 60 33 4B 18 28 7C (60:33:4b:18:28:7c)
Ethernet ID: E8 06 88 FB 7F B8 or (e8:06:88:fb;7f:b8)

Acer Aspire 1.3GHz 1410-2497

Acer Aspire 1410

Acer Aspire 1.3GHz 1410-2497
Windows computer
Windows 7 32 bit
Blue in color
Ethernet ID:  00 26 9E B8 77 AE or (00:26:9e:b8:77:ae)

So if you happen to come across these items it is likely that it was obtained the wrong way. So please contact me. Thanks. 

NHM Writer and McAfee Problem Solved

15 Mar

NHM Writer McAfee Anti-Virus Problem Solved

NHM Writer Beta from New Horizon Media

Few months ago I had posted in this blog the problem I was experiencing (based on other posts in other forums, others were experiencing similar problems) with NHM Writer on Windows based machines (XP, Vista, Win7)  that had McAfee Virus Suite installed. The problem was my inability to use Alt+2 or Alt+3 to switch from English typing to either Unicode phonetic Tamil or Unicode phonetic Hindi in Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, Publisher.

I am happy to report that as of today (may have been earlier but I noticed it today) that I no longer have the problem. The problem was my inability to use Alt+2 or Alt+3 to switch from English typing to either Unicode phonetic Tamil or Unicode phonetic Hindi in Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, Publisher. The keys wouldn’t activate the Unicode typing nor would the reinstallation of the NHMWriter proceed properly. The reinsatll will stop with a error message of Trojan Horse virus.

I had contacted the software writers at New Horizon Media and simultaneoulsy sent out a report to McAfee using the suggestion from this post via e-mail to Virus_Research @ Avertlabs dot com.

I don’t know which of these requests helped (or it may NOT have been my report!), but as of today with McAfee VirusSan Enterprise 8.7.0i with Scan Engine 5400.1158 and DAT version 6649.0000 with DAT created on March 14, 2012, NHM Writer seems to be working again.

BTW, during this time I used eKalappai for Tamil typing. eKalappai is another excellent Unicode Tamil typing program but it doesn’t allow Hindi or Kannada typing.

What to do?

Simple relaunch of the program doesn’t work. You need to reinstall from the download. You will first notice that there is no longer Trojan Horse warning. Then the installation will proceed normally. After that everything seems to be normal.

Thanks to those of you inquired about it and those who helped solve the problem.